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Oct 6, 2012 2:30am PDT
to be on staff by 2015. presently there's training that's going on for accessibility at the cal bowl that's upcoming in october that staff can take that will help them -- so they can take for disabled access for both housing and for the 2010 a-d-a. so, that's upcoming in october. so, if you have any questions about it, that's kind of the -- where we are right now with it. >> so, some -- you probably heard about this, but there has been some of the lawsuits for small businesses for disability access. so, i think one of the questions that came up was that if they get a cat inspection, [speaker not understood], somebody does get the inspection, somebody has a plan and they bring it in to the better department of building inspection to make changes in their place of business, is it your office that will sign off on the plan, look at the plan to see if it's -- they're on the right track, things like that? i think the concern with some of the small businesses that have come up is there isn't a government entity that will sign off on their plans. so, they feel like they're still kind of moving t
Oct 5, 2012 7:00pm PDT
questions. but the working group that is working with ctc and cal tran staff and also local grups across the country. i am sorry across it is state. vta are local representatives working on this bill. working on this strategy, rather. which will likely result in bills being introduced either to deal with funding through december for... to fund half of the year's worth of a program with 50/50 to the state and regions or to fund a year to two-thirds to the region and one-third to the state or something in between. so stay tuned. >> this conversation that is happening at the state level will also impact how the funds that you see on the screen in front of you get distributed to the metropolitan planning organizations including mtc. so you will see that the over all funding that is anticipated to the bay area under map 21, is down for the surface transportation program and also the congestion, mitigation and air quality program. this is made up for in part as... in part as you will see from what looks like to be an increase on the transportation alternatives program. but i will aaddress that
Oct 3, 2012 9:00am PDT
are getting in the region. golden gate transit, cal train, all of these regional providers are offering more service to carry people, it is not just once they are in san francisco, we are intercepting them in hayward, in luxburg and giving them that tras sit so they are not bringing the car close to the city. we are marketing that at the airport so the people can make their plans to come to san francisco and know that they can hop on and not rent a car and actually be part of the foot traffic and the fun of the america's cup. and then we are also doing a very big tdm transportation demand management, if you are an employer that you want to be sure that your employees can get to work, we are telling you to use these transportation services they are not just for people watching races, they are for everybody who needs to go from one part of san francisco to the other. there is a lot of discussion about the lane treatment, so october 6 and 7, a saturday and a sunday, we are taking the right-hand lane north of washington to bay. carving that out for bikes and for wide enough for emergency vehicle
Oct 1, 2012 10:30am PDT
-class, multi-purpose arena and san francisco has never had it, with all due respect to the cal pals. [ laughter ] we are prepared to spend over $100 million to renovate that pier, those piers, which are now crumbling into the
Oct 1, 2012 12:30pm PDT
't a lot of transportation near there. the trances bay terminal next to bart, next to cal train this is a great project and has so much commuter friendly things going on there, and as far as i am concerned when it comes to development in san francisco it's got to stop. >> all right. thank you sir. >> there are three parts of the economy, the consumer, the investment and the government. the only reason thing that has grown on a rapid rate is the government. the government gets their revenues through taxation or borrowing money. the problem is the regulations are hurting small businesses. 2/3 of all jobs are created by small business which are considered -- chapter s corporations and less than $250,000 killing all of the regulations and kill the incentive. the government doesn't produce anything. it's the private sector that produces the wealth and the opportunity. get the government off the back through regulations and taxation and you will see the city once again be vibrant. i'm telling you it's taxation and regulations. i have two successful businesses. i would not ope
Oct 1, 2012 4:00pm PDT
joined the uc davis school of law in 2004, following a clerkship with judge cal braise of the united states court of appeals for the second circuit. interest include election law, administrative law, statutory interpretation, constitutional law and property and natural resources law. he is a resident of san francisco's mission district. we are honored to work chris almendorf. [ applause ] >> thank you very much and thank you to all of the candidates who are here today. we're very fortunate to be joined by six candidates and what i hope will soon be seven. all of the candidates have agreed to ask their supporters to be respectful of other candidates and the audience and to maintain quiet during the forum. i ask you to respect that commitment. every aspect of this forum will be equally fair to all participating candidates. as everyone here knows candidate debates are often limited to latitudinal appears and personal attack. our debate focuses on critical areas of policy disagreement among the leading candidates. so this end the league of women voters of san francisco and the san franc
Oct 5, 2012 1:30pm PDT
, that was cal lea's old tree, i was hoping we could find a better resting spot for the hippo, it usually doesn't have much to do in the daytime so they have it projected out in front and they have the water hole there and it's all sloped down into the water hole so now that they're doing filtration, i would like to commend the zoo staff in getting the filtration going. the part that i thought would be very simple being this is the park and rec commission is that they come up with a tree that have leaves that hang over them so the hydration of the skin be better. can you give them a place to lie down, a little resting spot, and that's all, other than that, i think the zoo has taken the extra measure in trying to hire a wellness professor that looks into the psychological wellness of animals. >> is there any other public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. we are on item 7, the marina degaussing station. >> good morning, commimanager, costello with the department and i'm pleased to be before you to discuss the negotiation agreement with marina degaussing, it is a vacant
Oct 1, 2012 11:30am PDT
's owned by cal trans and unfortunately there have been some horrific accidents there. i think that -- one of the things i am aware of even in the downtown area -- it's interesting when you go by the mos coney center there are signals to tell pedestrian when is to walk and not to walk but if you go to fourth and mission or fourth and market you don't have those same signals so people are just always walking. i also think -- i know it's not popular. i think we should cite jay walkers. they do in los angeles and i got a ticket 20 years ago and never did it again and i think we need to make the pedestrians aware of the rules and they must respect traffic as well and there needs to be outreach there. >> mr. lagos. >> yes, this is a very interesting question and it affects everybody, and i come from a city originally where the cars are king, los angeles, and one of the reasons i came here because the car isn't king here, but for pedestrians it is a problem, and i support reducing automobile traffic in certain parts of san francisco because i think there are parts of san francisco dangerous fo
Oct 4, 2012 2:30pm PDT
to the cal of the chair. >> to the call of the chair, we can do that without objection. >> madam chair, for purposes, for the benefit of folks who have applied and testified, they don't have to come back. >> yes. if you have testified today, you have spoken before the rules committee. we will certainly not ask you to come back to our next rules committee meeting. >> and i just throw out veronica, i didn't say this either, make sure you put down as many seats as possible on your application. you only put down one seat, but i think you could represent seat 8, as example of another one, but i bet you can fit a few others. it will give this committee a lot more flexibility. >> okay. so, at this time if it's okay with the committee, i'd actually like to go back to item number 2. sib do believe we have deputy director cat brown from animal control. we have you here already. if you could just speak broadly to the issue. >> i just wanted to verify that i talked to my office and that there were investigations of the candidate. >> thank you. so, going back to this item, colleagues, are there any
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)